Do you want to stand out with aluminium illuminated channel letters?

Do you want to advertise with illuminated letters? Aluminium illuminated channel letters are the advertising letters you are looking for. Using a half aluminium box with LED lighting, Benelux Sign Systems can make the advertising letters the way you want them. With this LED lighting you immediately save on energy costs and invest in the future. Benelux Sign Systems can help you with advice, design and assembly. We’re not satisfied until you have found the perfect illuminated advertising.

Why choose aluminium illuminated channel letters?

Aluminium illuminated channel letters are made exactly to your requirements. So you can advertise the way you see fit. The aluminium illuminated channel letters are illuminated by LED lighting. LED lighting is a sustainable way of illuminating and always emits an even form of light.

Aluminium illuminated channel letters are made resistant to multiple weather conditions and last for years. Choose aluminium illuminated channel letters and make sure you use less energy and save costs!

Why choose the service of Benelux Sign Systems?

Benelux Sign Systems has been the specialist in the field of light advertising for 35 years. From advice to assembly, you can rely on the professional help of our staff. We are always looking for new long-term relationships, so we are always personally involved with each customer. Over the years we have built many relationships through light advertising. On our website you can read a number of references from large companies.

We are always happy with your feedback, so we can focus on areas for improvement of our service to you.

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Have you decided to go for aluminium illuminated channel letters? Or would you like one of our other products or services? You can always contact us through the contact page on our website. After receiving this form, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your query.

For questions about our light advertising or to request a quotation, you can always contact us. At Benelux Sign Systems we never give up and are always looking to create the perfect illuminated advertising for you.