Non-illuminated channel letters

Are you looking for shop front advertising or shop front lettering? And looking for non-illuminated channel letters in particular? You’re in the right place at Benelux Sign Systems. Non-illuminated thin plastic letters (Channelplex) on spacers or aluminium channel letters without lighting (Profile 01), for example, are products still much in demand for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Non-illuminated channel letters can serve perfectly as shop front lettering that only needs to be seen during the day. By purchasing non-illuminated channel letters that are representative for your shop or company, you can create recognition. Our company can supply custom-made non-illuminated channel letters for unique shop front lettering.

How to order non-illuminated channel letters?

If you want to order non-illuminated channel letters from Benelux Sign Systems, please contact us first. You can place your order for which we will provide you with a quotation without obligation. When you agree with the quotation you can send us your design.

We can create this design for you or provide advice. As soon as we receive a design that approved by you, we will confirm the order. Next, we will start making the non-illuminated channel letters. Once completed, we will deliver the non-illuminated channel letters and assemble them, if required.

About Benelux Sign Systems

Benelux Sign Systems has specialised in shop front lettering for some time. For the last 35 years, we have been growing more and more into a professional specialist in the field of formula design and illuminated advertising. We maintain many long-term relationships with various customers and deliver beautiful projects to great satisfaction. Benelux Sign Systems can advise you on a design if you want to purchase non-illuminated channel letters. We can create the design for you and produce it. We can also assist you with the assembly and maintenance of the non-illuminated channel letters, if required.

Ask us about the available options!

Interested in purchasing illuminated channel letters? Benelux Sign Systems supplies custom-made illuminated channel letters. To find out more about our illuminated channel letters and the available options, please contact us. You can reach us by phone on (040) 283 69 30, send an email or fill in the contact form. We will respond to your message as soon as possible. Purchase illuminated channel letters from Benelux Sign Systems!