Do you want to stand out with Led bulb advertising letters?

Are you looking for the most beautiful form of advertising letters? Then go for LED bulb letters! Thanks to the powerful LED lighting, your advertisement will always stand out. In recent years, light bulb letters have become very popular because of the beautiful design. The LED bulb letters are placed in an open aluminium box with acrylic bulbs according to your design.

The light up led bulb advertising letters are always custom made by Benelux Sign Systems according to your requirements.

The power of LED advertising lighting

LED advertising light not only provides striking advertising, but it is also a sustainable way of advertising. The name LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, because it uses a diode (also known as a semiconductor) instead of a filament. LED lights have a much longer life span and consume little power.

LED advertising letters also consume much less energy than other lighting. So, when buying LED bulb letters, you invest in your energy consumption and costs, who wouldn’t want that?

Why choose Benelux Sign Systems?

Benelux Sign Systems is a company that specialises in light advertising. We offer advice and deal with the design, production, assembly and maintenance. Benelux Sign Systems is happy to help you from concept to the end product. We provide complete services and are happy to assemble your illuminated advertising. The trips we make are economically divided and we have about 18 vans, aerial platforms and trucks on their way to customers throughout the country every day.

In the past 35 years we have built up many relationships and we have a selection of reviews about Benelux Sign Systems on our website.

Would you like more information about the LED bulb advertising letters?

For more information about light bulb advertising letters you can always visit our contact page. Fill in our contact form and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Have you decided to stand out with your advertising letters?

Request a quotation directly via our email; On our website you can also view an overview of all products and services we provide. At Benelux Sign Systems we are not satisfied until you have what you want.